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Whenever you sign a contract in Portugal, you'll be asked to provide your NIF or Número de Identificação Fiscal in Portuguese. This nine-digit number is your taxpayer identification number in Portugal; it's crucial for building financial ties in the country.

If you don't want to stand in line at the Portuguese Tax Office (Finanças office) or risk missing a crucial stage in your relocation process, you can get a NIF lawyer in Portugal to assist you throughout the registration process of obtaining a Portuguese NIF and act as your tax representative.

This NIF lawyer Portugal article outlines the crucial role of specialized NIF lawyers in Portugal, including providing invaluable assistance to individuals and entities seeking to secure their tax identification number in compliance with Portuguese laws and regulations.


What is the Portugal NIF number?

The NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) is the tax identification number in Portugal. It's a unique identifier assigned by the Portuguese tax authorities to individuals and entities for tax purposes.

The NIF is essential for financial and administrative transactions in Portugal, including opening a bank account, buying property, getting a phone subscription, signing a contract, and paying taxes. As your taxpayer ID, the NIF is crucial identification for anyone living or doing business in Portugal.

If you're considering moving to Portugal or already are a Portuguese resident, getting your Portuguese tax number should be your priority, as it's just as important for expats as it is for Portuguese citizens.


The Importance of Getting a Portuguese Tax Number

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You need a personal NIF number in Portugal because it's necessary for almost any financial transaction in Portugal, including opening a Portuguese bank account, signing a rental agreement, signing up for utilities, signing an employment contract, registering a company, registering as a freelancer in Portugal, establishing yourself as a tax resident, and registering with an educational institution.

You must have your Portuguese NIF number (or Número de Contribuinte) before you can be considered for non-habitual resident status.

You'll need your Portuguese tax identification number to start working in Portugal either as a freelancer or as an employer. In both scenarios, you need to share a Portuguese IBAN with either the tax office or your employer, and you can't open a bank account in Portugal without your NIF.

For non-residents who wish to carry out transactions in Portugal, having a NIF is essential; many service providers, including banks, insurance companies, and telecommunications providers, require it. A non-resident who owns property in Portugal or has other sources of income in the country must also have a NIF to meet tax obligations.

The process of obtaining a NIF in Portugal can be straightforward, especially with the help of a fiscal representative. This is a professional who is authorized to act on behalf of a non-resident in all fiscal matters. By appointing a tax representative, individuals and businesses can ensure that they comply with Portuguese tax laws and regulations, as well as avoid potential penalties for non-compliance.


How to get a NIF in Portugal

It can be challenging to get an appointment to request the NIF number in Portugal. Most tax offices have long queues for their NIF services that often start before opening hours. There are also usually limited tickets available for NIF appointments.

Here's how to get your NIF number in Portugal:

European Union residents

NIF lawyer portugalIf you're a Portuguese resident, a European Union (EU), or a European Economic Area (EEA), you can apply for a Portuguese NIF number yourself. You can go to the following locations with the correct paperwork, and they can provide you with your NIF on the spot:

You need to make sure that you have the following documents:

  • Photo ID such as a passport (EU citizens can use their national ID card)
  • Proof of residency in Portugal or proof of EU residency

Non-European Union residents

Non-EU/EEA residents are required by law to have a fiscal representative when applying for a NIF in Portugal.

You can request a NIF at a Portuguese tax authority in person, but a fiscal representative must accompany you. Before going to the tax office, you must send a power of attorney translated into Portuguese for your lawyer/representative. You'll also have to provide proof of residency (using proof of address documents like a bank statement or a utility bill) in your country of origin.

Fiscal representatives in Portugal

A fiscal representative can be any individual living in Portugal registered with the tax authorities. They're responsible for the tax obligations and communications of the third country national in Portugal.

The fiscal representative's role is to liaise with a Portuguese tax authority on behalf of their clients, prepare and submit tax returns, and handle any fiscal matters that may arise. They can also provide guidance on issues such as VAT registration, invoicing, and payroll. Because of this responsibility, we recommend you choose a fiscal representative who's familiar with Portuguese laws and the tax system.

Hiring Your Portuguese NIF Lawyer

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Hiring a specialized lawyer to assist you in obtaining a tax number as a foreigner in Portugal can be invaluable.

If you're not fluent in Portuguese, navigating the bureaucracy and paperwork required to obtain a NIF in Portugal can be challenging. A specialized lawyer can provide translation services and ensure that all documents are correctly filled out in Portuguese.

A lawyer who specializes in immigration or tax law in Portugal will have a deep understanding of the specific requirements and regulations related to obtaining a NIF for foreigners. They can provide guidance on the most efficient and compliant way to proceed.

Filling out paperwork incorrectly or missing required documents can lead to delays or denials in the NIF application process. A lawyer can help you avoid these mistakes, ensuring your application is submitted correctly.

NIF Lawyer in Portugal: How We Can Help

If you don't speak Portuguese and want to avoid the long queues at the Portuguese tax office (Finanças), or if you haven't moved over to Portugal yet, we recommend getting assistance from the GetNIFportugal team. If you send us your documents and details, our NIF lawyers can apply for a NIF on your behalf as your fiscal representative and send it to you directly.

We strive to make the process of obtaining your NIF number as quick and easy as possible. Anyone moving to or investing in Portugal can get assistance from the GetNIFportugal team. Our specialists analyze your paperwork, unlock processes, and even act on your behalf through a power of attorney.

Clients of GetNIFportugal receive a rapid, seamless, and secure experience that positions them for success. They also meet their legal requirements by having a tax representative they can trust. GetNIFPortugal can help you ensure that your trip to Portugal is hassle-free.



Getting a NIF: Tax Implications

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Once the tax authorities have processed a NIF number application, the NIF is issued, and the individual or business can start using it for their fiscal affairs in Portugal.

The tax implications of getting a NIF depend on the address you register. Note that receiving a NIF number doesn't mean that you're required to pay taxes in Portugal. If you provide an address outside of Portugal, applying for a NIF has no tax consequences, and you may be issued a temporary NIF.

If you register with your Portuguese address, you may be considered a Portuguese taxpayer. If you intend to work in Portugal, you can update your NIF to a Portuguese address and receive your permanent NIF.

If you intend to earn an income in Portugal, you also need to register with the social security system and get a social security number. You need your NIF to sign up for a Portugal Social Security Identification Number, the NISS, which you use to pay social security contributions.

Non-habitual residency

Non-habitual resident (NHR) status is a special tax regime for individuals who haven't been a Portuguese tax resident in the last five years. It offers generous tax exemptions and benefits, including exemptions on foreign-sourced income and a flat rate of 20 percent on Portuguese-sourced income.

After you have your Número de Identificação Fiscal, you can apply for NHR status through the Portuguese tax office website (Finanças).

If you intend to work remotely for a foreign-based country, you might also be interested in our article: Working Remotely in Portugal.

Having a NIF is a requirement for registering as an NHR. We have an online service with an online order form for you to kickstart your registration as an NHR: order your NIF online here.

At the beginning of October 2023, the Portuguese Prime Minister announced his intention to eliminate the NHR regime beginning in 2024.

The NHR came to an end in January 2024. The Portuguese government’s State Budget Proposal for 2024 included modifications that determine the end of the non-habitual resident regime.

The ultimate vote on the budget legislation happened on 29 November 2023, introducing the transitional regime before the end of the NHR tax regime in 2025.

Anyone who registered as a tax resident in the country in 2023 and had not been taxed in Portugal in the previous five years could still apply by March 31, 2024.

It’s possible for some individuals to apply up until March 31, 2025, but the eligibility requirements for this deadline are more stringent. To qualify, it’s necessary to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Having an employment contract signed/to be signed by December 31, 2023
  • Having a lease agreement or other contract for the use/possession of property signed by October 10, 2023
  • Having a contract to buy property in Portugal signed by October 10, 2023
  • Having children enrolled or registered in a school in Portugal by October 10, 2023
  • Having a residence visa or a residence permit valid from December 31, 2023
  • Having an application for a residence visa or residence permit initiated by December 31, 2023
  • Being a member of the household of anyone who meets the above criteria

Anyone who qualifies under these conditions will have NHR status from the date that they become a tax resident — whether that’s in 2024 or in the first quarter of 2025 — until December 31, 2033.



portuguese tax resident investment income tax return wealth tax corporate taxGetting fiscal representation in Portugal, including for obtaining a NIF taxpayer identification number, is essential for anyone wishing to operate in the country.

Residents and non-residents who want to own property, open a Portuguese bank account, or carry out business activities in Portugal must have a NIF to meet their fiscal obligations.

With the help of a fiscal representative, obtaining a NIF can be straightforward and stress-free. The fiscal representative can provide ongoing support and guidance on fiscal matters, ensuring that clients remain compliant with Portuguese tax laws and regulations.


Frequently Asked Questions About NIF Lawyers in Portugal

How much do lawyers charge in Portugal for NIF services?

The annual cost of hiring a Portuguese lawyer to obtain your NIF and act as your tax representative ranges from €300 to €700, depending on the law firm. The procedure costs €350 when using GetNIFportugal, including both NIF delivery and fiscal representation for a year. You can continue to benefit from our tax representation services for €350 a year after the first year.

Who can I have as my tax representative?

A tax ID legal representative in Portugal can be any person or company with its fiscal address or central office in Portugal. We advise against choosing a friend or acquaintance for tax representation as it requires responsibility for your tax matters and facilitating Finanças communications.

We can connect you with a Portugal tax lawyer who will act as your tax representative, and they can request the NIF on your behalf.

As an EU citizen, do I need fiscal representation?

No, as an EU citizen, you can request your NIF and track your tax situation without fiscal representation. However, you'll need a tax representative if you want someone to obtain the NIF on your behalf.

How can an experienced NIF registration lawyer in Portugal help me?

An experienced NIF registration lawyer in Portugal can guide you through the entire process of obtaining your Portuguese Tax Identification Number (NIF). They'll ensure all legal requirements for NIF registration in Portugal are met, assist with any NIF issues and solutions with a Portuguese lawyer, and provide Portuguese tax identification number (NIF) legal advice.

How to get a Portuguese NIF with legal assistance for non-residents and expats?

To get a Portuguese NIF with legal assistance, non-residents and expats need to provide the necessary documentation — including residential address proof and a copy of the individual's passport or equivalent such as a national ID card, or a certificate of incorporation for a business — to their lawyer, who will handle the NIF registration for non-residents in Portugal. This can be done remotely, with the fiscal representative acting as an intermediary between their client and the Portuguese tax authorities.

What are the NIF lawyer fees and costs in Portugal for different applicants?

NIF lawyer fees and costs in Portugal can vary depending on the complexity of your case. This includes varied pricing for NIF registration for property buyers in Portugal, NIF for freelancers and self-employed in Portugal, legal help, and a NIF for foreign investors in Portugal. A law firm should provide you with a detailed quote after an initial consultation.

Where can I find reliable NIF legal guidance and assistance in Portugal?

Finding a reliable NIF lawyer in Portugal is crucial to ensure you receive accurate and effective NIF compliance and legal obligations in Portugal guidance. Look for law firms or legal professionals specializing in tax law or expatriate services to obtain comprehensive Portugal tax ID number (NIF) legal guidance.

How can I grant power of attorney to a lawyer for a NIF in Portugal?

To grant power of attorney to a lawyer for a Portuguese NIF, identify a lawyer in Portugal, draft a document specifying authority and get it notarized locally. Once completed, the lawyer can act on your behalf within the outlined scope.

Do I need a NIF number to open a bank account in Portugal?

Yes, typically, you will need a Portuguese NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) to open a bank account in Portugal. The NIF is a tax identification number issued by the Portuguese tax authorities, and it is often required for various financial transactions, including opening a bank account. It serves to identify individuals in their financial dealings and is essential for tax purposes.

What's the difference between a NIF and NISS in Portugal?

Both NIF and NISS are important identification numbers in Portugal, but they serve different purposes:

  • NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal): This is your tax identification number. You'll need it for almost any financial activity in Portugal, like paying taxes, opening a bank account, or making purchases.

  • NISS (Número de Identificação de Segurança Social): This is your social security number. It connects you to Portugal's social security system, allowing you to access benefits like healthcare and unemployment support. You only need a NISS if you're actively working or qualify for benefits.