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Open your Portuguese bank account from anywhere in the world

Set up your own bank account in a streamlined and easy process

No apostille required

Save time by skipping the Apostille. Simply get your signature recognized by a Portuguese law firm.

Premium service

Open your Portuguese bank account with a private bank manager who will assist you every step of the way, acting as your point of contact.


In a few simple steps, you’ll be able to have your Portuguese bank account up and running. Let us do the hard work so that you can sit back and relax.

Personal touch

We will be on hand to answer any questions that spring to mind during the process.

Portuguese bank account of your choosing

Portuguese bank options
• Novo Banco
• Banco Atlantico
• Banco Bison

What it includes
Helping you choose the right bank, guiding you through document procurement, and assistance in all steps from submission to attainment of account access and cards.

Minimum balance
None. However, an initial transfer is required to open an account, with the amount depending on the bank selected. This is not an account fee, merely a fee to secure the account opening.

Account fees range from 2€ - 15€ monthly, depending on the type of account. The option for a Personal Account Manager is available.



This will change from bank to bank but these are the documents that are required.
These are the few things that you’ll need to get started:

A valid passport

Proof of address in your country of residence

Proof of employment (not applicable for retirees)

Most recent tax return document (including retirees)

Tax number in your country of residency (i.e. SSN, CPF, NINO, SIN, etc.)

Portuguese NIF document

How does it work?

Place your request Complete our secure online checkout, providing your initials and details. cost starting from €700.
Receive your bank account details Meet with your private bank manager and receive your account documents by email.
Sign necessary documents We will get your signatures recognized by a specialized law firm in Portugal.
Send your signed documents to Portugal by mail ship the relevant documents to Portugal. ​​We will provide you with the mailing address and a final checklist of the documents that you will need to send.
Get access to your new Portuguese bank account Once your signed documents are received, your bank manager will open your bank account and provide you with online access to your new account.
All set-up and ready to go Congratulations, you now have a fully functioning Portuguese bank account for all your needs in sunny Portugal.


Opening a Bank Account in Portugal with minimal guidance can be a confusing bureaucratic process added with language barriers at times. GetNIF-Portugal acts as your gateway to streamline the process and assist you with most of your financial needs starting from €700.

The account can either be for an individual or a joint account with multiple account owners. Golden Visa accounts must be opened for the primary applicant only, joint accounts are not permitted by law in this case.

Our fee also includes the cost of the signature certification by a specialized Portuguese law firm. You will not need to notarize or apostille any of the account opening documents, all you need is to sign, fill, and leave the rest to us.


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Frequently asked questions about opening a bank account

What documents do I need to open a bank account in Portugal?

You will need the following documents: passport scan, proof of residence, proof of employment, a Portuguese NIF, most recent tax return, and a tax number from your country of residence.

What can I use as Proof of Emp

Employed - Statement of employment issued by the company you work for (issued within the past six months) or a payslip (issued within the last three months).
Self-employed - One of the following documents: document on company letterhead stating your ownership of a business account; business registration details, a letter from a business partner or accountant/lawyer to show you are the owner of the company, tax return.
Retired - No document needed.

Do I need my NIF Number to open a Portuguese bank account?

Yes, you will need your NIF number and the NIF document to open a Portuguese bank account.

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