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Income types covered:
• Pension, Social Security income
• Inheritance, Donations, Gifts
• Retirement savings accounts (e. g. IRA, 401k)
• Rental Income
• Capital Gains from real estate
• Employment income
• Self-Employment income
• Capital Gains from securities
• Capital Gains from Cryptocurrency


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How long does the NHR status last?

Once acquired, your NHR status lasts for ten years. After this 10-year period, your NHR status expires, and you will be subject to the standard Portuguese tax regime (which still is an advantageous one). To learn more about these 10 years, to not hesitate to book an appointment with our in-house tax lawyers!

Can I maintain NHR status if I have income from other countries?

Yes, you can. Even if you have income from other countries! Actually, one of the main benefits of the NHR status is the favorable tax treatment of foreign-source income.
With the NHR regime, certain types of foreign-source income may be exempt from taxation in Portugal under certain conditions that we would be happy to review with you. In addition, employment and self-employment income from high value-added activities may be subject to a reduced flat tax rate of 20%.

Are there any minimum stay requirements to maintain NHR status?

Yes, there are minimum stay requirements to maintain this status in Portugal. You must meet one of these two conditions:
Spend at least 183 days in Portugal within a 12-month period, starting or ending in the relevant tax year. Good to know: its not mandatory that these days are consecutive.
Have a permanent residence in Portugal on December 31st of the relevant tax year.
• If both of these requirement requirements are not met, you could lose your NHR status. For a better understanding and in case of changes in tax regulations, you could need the help of a tax professional or a Portuguese lawyer.

Can I ask for it no matter where I come from ?

If you meet NHR requirements, you can apply for the NHR status, no matter where you come from. However, you must consider the tax obligations you may have in your home country.

Can i ask for NHR status online ?

Yes. And we can help you with that. The application process has to be done through the Portuguese Tax Authority's website (Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira) called "Portal das Finanças". It is strongly recommended to consult a lawyer to guide you through the process, as they can help ensure that you meet all the requirements and provide the necessary documentation.